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About us

A dedicated and reliable partner

Welcome to Bafran a boutique agency based in the heart of the Czech Republic, with experience serving clients throughout Europe. We take pride in being a dedicated and reliable partner for businesses of all sizes, helping them find the perfect talents to grow and thrive. 

Specialists in RPO

We offer customized RPO solutions that integrate seamlessly with your organization, saving you time and resources while enhancing your talent acquisition capabilities.

European Reach

While we are based in the Czech Republic, our operations span across the whole of Europe. Our network ensures that we can find the best-fit solutions for your, no matter where you are located.

Tailored approach

As a butique consultancy company we focus on a small range of clients with high level of focus on each assignment to ensure you are our top priority

Our approach

Unique solutions for you

We believe in a client-centric approach that places your needs at the forefront. Our recruitment specialists work closely with your team to comprehend the unique challenges and requirements of your organization. We emphasize clear communication, transparency, and collaboration throughout the entire recruitment process.

We understand that every job is different and require unique solution, we value our approach of identifying the exact needs of skills behaviors and experience that need to match the team dynamics, company culture and future goals of candidates and companies in order to create the right mix.

Thorough Candidate Assessment

We employ a rigorous screening and selection process to identify candidates who possess the right skills, experience, and cultural, behavioral and team dynamics fit for your organization.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that each business is unique, we customize our services to align with your specific goals and objectives. Whether you require temporary staff for a project or seek long-term talent to join your team.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

We aim to establish enduring relationships with our clients, becoming a trusted and reliable partner in their growth journey. As your organization evolves, we adapt our services to ensure that you continue to attract the best talent in the industry.

Our services

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Unlock the full potential of your organization with Bafran Group’s professional recruitment services. Explore our services and take the first step towards attracting exceptional talent that propels your business to new heights.